History of the Company


Iris Hecker is the principal owner of Hecker Fiduciary. She is an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, with over 25 years experience. Upon having one of her clients   being abused, she realized that it would be important to become a California Licensed  Professional Fiduciary as well. With a strong tax and accounting background, becoming  a Fiduciary was a natural transition.

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“ Coming from a Tax background, confidentiality, privacy, ethics and morals are the standards that I am used to upholding. This is the main focus of this company. When someone asks me to be their Fiduciary, I consider it an HONOR. For I am privy to the most personal and private information of an individual. All decisions that I make must be for the  benefit of my client and in their best interest.”
— Iris Hecker


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Iris Hecker


Iris Hecker is an Enrolled Agent, as well as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. (License # 753). She jokingly states that she has 2 licenses that most people don't understand what they are. Iris has always been an advocate for the underdog. Whether it has been someone in business being taken advantage of because they are from a different country, or the elderly person that is being victimized by their neighbor. No one deserves such mistreatment.
Iris is the mother of 2 children, a son Christoph Lebherz, who creates music and sound for film and a daughter Jessica Hecker, who is an actress and model in the LA area and Germany. They are her main focus.

In addition Iris is very active with the Woodside Village Church as moderator and deacon.

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Linda McCroryC.P.L.C.

Business Development

Linda McCrory grew up in San Francisco, California. She spent twenty years working (slaving away) as a delivery driver at UPS in South San Francisco where she mastered working at the speed of business (very fast). UPS has a strong military approach to running their company which really taught Linda to let nothing get in her way, just get the job done and get it done right.
Health and weight loss counseling is the business for her, so she studied closely with the CEO of Lite for Life and bought her own franchise. Working with people is definitely her calling. She has worked with hundreds of clients helping them reach their goal in becoming healthy and happy. After 10 years of counseling people on Health and Weight Loss she was excited to work with her clients on a deeper level so she researched and studied with the Orange County Life Coaching Institute and became certified in 2014. YAY! In her free time, Linda loves to go to the beach with her husband and 13 year old dog Levi. And when the beach isn’t an option, she heads out on her vespa with her best pals and explores San Francisco and the Bay Area. Linda is very happy to bring her skills and life experience to Hecker Fiduciary as a“Business Development” team player.

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Netta Maldonado

Marketing Communications Director

As an administrative assistant for over 20 years Renetta aka "Netta" her passion is to help people. Her sunny disposition and unforgettable smile goes a long way. She was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Fremont, CA. Attending Bay Area Schools for all her formal education. With the years of school plus real world experience in the work force since the late 90's, she brings a vibe to the team that clients learn to love and respect. After High School, she became a Peer to Peer Educational Trainer and Community Outreach Worker in Oakland Unified Schools for the Alameda County Public Health Department, which is where she learned about client relations. Since 2000 she has been in Administrative roles for different industries such as executive banking, distribution, merchandising, private health, financial services, taxes and accounting. Outside of the office she enjoys running her crafting company NettaBug.net. Being a member of New Hope Baptist Church, in Union City, CA, where is attends church and is a praise team member. One day hoping to open a Non-Profit for those looking for "Healing through Art". Moving into the Fiduciary work is an easy transition, due to her desire to serve.