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  • I have 2 children, should they be joint Fiduciaries? –Rarely do we advise co-trustees.  Many times the family dynamics can be complicated.  One sibling may be jealous of the other. Money changes people.  By naming someone that is not a beneficiary and not a family member as Fiduciary, Successor Trustee and Executor of the Estate can minimize the potential family dysfunction.  We know that most parents want their children to have strong, loving and devoted relationships. Professional fiduciaries are keenly aware and do their best to help the family communicate with one another.

  • My family member just died and I was named as the Executor of the Estate, what do I do?  – Many times, a family member names someone that they love and trust to be the Executor, thinking that it would be an honor. Yet most people do not realize how complicated and stressful it can be. We can work with you through this process.

  • Would you work with my attorney? – Absolutely we will work with your attorney.  We can come to their office and meet with you or we can have a phone consultation.  Whatever works best for either of you.