History of the Company


Iris Hecker is the principal owner of Hecker Fiduciary. She is an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, with over 25 years experience. Upon having one of her clients   being abused, she realized that it would be important to become a California Licensed  Professional Fiduciary as well. With a strong tax and accounting background, becoming  a Fiduciary was a natural transition.

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“ Coming from a Tax background, confidentiality, privacy, ethics and morals are the standards that I am used to upholding. This is the main focus of this company. When someone asks me to be their Fiduciary, I consider it an HONOR. For I am privy to the most personal and private information of an individual. All decisions that I make must be for the  benefit of my client and in their best interest.”
— Iris Hecker