A fiduciary is a person who assumes responsibility for a person of Trust.

Do I Need a Fiduciary?

Sometimes, its not clear what we do. We wear many hats and perhaps we might have the right hat for you.

Common Questions

Life is complicated, and so is our work. There are a lot of common questions we would love to answer.

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  • Fiduciaries are held to a higher standard of ethics

  • Fiduciaries are licensed in the state of California

  • Protection of assets

  • Reduces family or relations conflict

  • Helps prevent financial elder abuse

  • Fiduciaries work with experts in the fields necessary to make the proper financial and day to day decisions such as Tax Accountants, Attorneys, Home Care Providers, Financial Advisors, Realtors, Geriatric Care Managers, Assisted Living Residences, Relocation Services, etc.


Your situation is unique, we make sure to find what works for you such as:


  • Powers of Attorney

  • Health Care Directive Representative

  • Executor Services of the Estate

  • Successor Trustee of Living Trusts

  • Trustee Services for Special Needs Trusts & Minor Trusts

  • Conservatorships

  • Bill Payment Services

  • Tax Preparation Services

  • Cash Flow / Budgeting


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  • I have 2 children, should they be joint Fiduciaries? –Rarely do we advise co-trustees.  Many times the family dynamics can be complicated.  One sibling may be jealous of the other. Money changes people.  By naming someone that is not a beneficiary and not a family member as Fiduciary, Successor Trustee and Executor of the Estate can minimize the potential family dysfunction.  We know that most parents want their children to have strong, loving and devoted relationships. Professional fiduciaries are keenly aware and do their best to help the family communicate with one another.

  • My family member just died and I was named as the Executor of the Estate, what do I do?  – Many times, a family member names someone that they love and trust to be the Executor, thinking that it would be an honor. Yet most people do not realize how complicated and stressful it can be. We can work with you through this process.

  • Would you work with my attorney? – Absolutely we will work with your attorney.  We can come to their office and meet with you or we can have a phone consultation.  Whatever works best for either of you.


Even in today's climate in California there are many issues regarding alternative life style for Seniors.


  • Discrimination - Not allowing LGBT into Residential Care Homes.

  • Isolation - No family contact leaving the potential for Undue Influence from strangers.

  • Neglect - Individuals providing home care services Physically and Mentally abuse this portion of society at a higher rate.

Hiring a Professional Fiduciary that understands these concerns and issues are vital to this community.



Do I Need A Fiduciary?


If you want to have a say as to what your wishes and desires are, then yes you need a fiduciary. Including a fiduciary in your estate plan makes it easier when the time is necessary. You may not need a Fiduciary now, but there is a good chance you will need one in the future.

  • Temporary disability such as an accident, illness or a surgery. The Fiduciary using the Power of Attorney form can temporarily make the financial decisions necessary during this time such as paying the mortgage, utilities, insurance, credit card payments, etc.

  • My memory is starting to fade – It is so important to have your financial affairs in order while you have capacity. Once a doctor has diagnosed you with any form of mental impairment, then you will have to be conserved and the Probate court becomes involved along with Attorneys and guardians.

  • I have no family, what do I do? -  A fiduciary is a person that helps you while you are alive. They make decisions that are in your best interest. They are your ADVOCATE. The fiduciary will help you with your finances (Power of Attorney) and can also help make medical decisions (Health Care Directive). A fiduciary can also be the Successor Trustee of your Living Trust and the Executor of your Estate. This can be a great planning time to discuss what possible charities can benefit.

  • I have a Special Needs Child.  How can you help me? – We can be the alternate Fiduciary of your child. This means that you are the fiduciary for your child as long as you are capable or willing. We work with investment advisors and work out a plan that will best benefit your child’s needs. If your estate plan is properly drafted, once you pass away, the child’s portion of the inheritance will go directly into a Special Needs Trust, where we are named as the Successor Trustee. This way your child is taken care of in the way you so desire.


Taking care of our clients goes beyond expectations.

Being the Fiduciary of a person is not just a business. Our clients are important to us. We look at each client as if they are part of our family. The decisions we make in your behalf are extremely important. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.
— Iris Hecker


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By posting these tips, we are not giving medical advice, speak with your doctor if you have serious health concerns.